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What do I do with dirty diapers?

A common fear about cloth diapering your child is what to do with poopy diapers. Fear not! Turns out there are varying methods for this as well.

Some parents are a ‘dunk and swish (in the toilet or wash bucket) and throw it in the (dry) pail’ kind of launderers, and others are meticulous about spraying poo particles into the loo with fancy sprayers before placing in a pail or wetbag. Some don’t rinse at all, and let their washing machines handle the work. You have to do what will work best for you, but LS recommends spraying or rinsing poop into the toilet, and placing into your diaper pail or wetbag until laundry day.

We have care instructions on every diaper and insert, and recommend not waiting more than 2-3 days to wash dirty diapers to avoid ammonia buildup and stains.

A general rule of thumb is to use your highest water level, with about 12-18 diapers at a time
Begin a prewash cycle using cold water
You will then do a hot wash cycle, with a cloth-friendly detergent
Diapers may be dried in the dryer, or can be hung dry
Be mindful of not stressing elastics when line drying

 use bleach or fabric softeners
Do not iron
Only use baby creams that are specifically intended for use with cloth diapers
Line dry covers so it does not damage the PUL fabric

Here at home, we use Tide Original Powder, and have not dealt with any build up, stains, or leftover funk. There are a few other cloth-diaper brands we have tried, and unfortunately, they did not get our diapers clean. After build up, we began to notice rashes on our son. This is completely avoidable, and is not the fault of cloth diapers, but potentially a wash routine issue.

It’s always wise to do your research, and discover what wash routine will work best with your water type, as well as with your machine.

Additional things to consider are:
Detergent type
Water hardness
Detergent amount
Was the diaper left wet enough in the wet bag once it was sprayed?

Don’t be overwhelmed. Cleaning cloth diapers truly isn’t much more complicated than doing a regular load of laundry. Contact us if you have more questions!

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