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Little Skivvies
The eco-friendly and practical choice for all.
One of a kind designs, easy to use!
Perfect fit from newborn through toddler potty training.



Little Skivvies specializes in handmade reusable Hybrid Fitted cloth diapers. We also produce all in one, all in two, daytime and overnight fitted cloth diapers.

We continue to source the highest quality, organic, sustainably milled fibers to ensure your child is wearing only the best. We thoughtfully piece and stitch each layer of bamboo, hemp, or cotton fleece and velours together for a flawless fit and hold for all stages of light or heavy wetting.

Proudly serving Central Jersey, and surrounding towns across New Jersey, such as Hillsborough, Flemington, Raritan, New Brunswick, Bridgewater, Somerville, Princeton, Montgomery, and more! We also hold a wide array of customers across the nation.